Thompson Goat Farm

Vermont Homemade Specialty Goat Milk Soaps and Raspberry Products


Quotes If you ever get a chance to visit a farmer's market and come upon a display from the Thompson Goat Farm, take a moment to look at the wonderful products on display, and take the time to speak with Connie Thompson. She is a wonderful, caring, talented woman who takes a lot of pride in her work, as do her husband and children. Her goat milk soap is delightful with various scents to soothe your body and soul, and it will leave your skin velvety smooth. Her rasberry jam is the best also! I have yet to try her other products, but you can be sure I will be in the future! If you don't have time to drive to a farmers market, then you can order from the Thompson website, how convenient is that!! Quotes
Joy Marotti-Loso

Quotes I love the Thompson's goat soaps. I found Connie with her soaps at the Windsor's Farmer's market. I purchase a variety of scents and my linen closets smell like heaven. Not to mention how wonderful my skin feels. Thank you. Quotes
Karen Proctor

Quotes "That chocolate raspberry sauce I just bought from you is to die for" Quotes
Sara M
customer for life

Quotes I have always been afraid to use soaps because of my ezcema. My doctor suggested that i look for goat milk soap--so i found you'res and oh my what a differnce--thankyou Quotes
Verna S
true believer

Quotes " I can't believe how soft my skin feels after I use you're soap. Its not oily, just smooth and silky....." Quotes
Nancy G

Quotes "Ohhhhhhhhhh I love the Raspberry Jam, its the best that I have ever had!!!!!" Quotes

Quotes "my husband and I are hooked on you're soap. My husband is especially fussy when it comes to soap. He has always used a specific brand that he buys on line, ever since I've known him. When he ran out, I had him try yours--now he won't go back to his old brand. He loves you're soap-the oatmeal Milk and Honey--and so dont I " Quotes
Cindy w
Mom, wife

Quotes was visiting NH from PA and happened to be at the Grantham,NH Craft fair- was drawn to the Patchouli goat soap- I purchased the Chamomile and LOVE it--it leaves the skin so soft and I love the scent---looking forward to ordering more---make great gifts!! Thanks, Connie Quotes
goat soap believer

Quotes After visiting her booth at a craft fair, I purchased her soap. I do not generally buy organic things, I am more of a department style soap. Well, not any more! These soaps are the best I have ever used. I am really fond of the little scrubbies she adds to them to make your skin soft and smooth. Rinses off clean, without that feeling of grime still left on your skin. It is the BEST! Need more please. You really should try it. Thank You Thomsons! Quotes
Paula Vivian
Pet sitter